Goodman Pool has residential homes north and west of the pool.  Therefore, we ask that you please stay within designated areas and be respectful of our neighbors.


Swimmer drop-off is located in the parking lot located at 1402 Wingra Creek Pkwy Madison WI 53715 at the south end of Wingra Creek Parkway.  This drop-off point is adjacent to Tent City (See Site Map).

Entry into Swimmer Drop-off and the Goodman Pool lot is limited to right turns only off eastbound Olin Avenue. You will not be able to turn left off Olin Avenue into Swimmer Drop-off or the Goodman Pool lot. The best route if taking the Beltline is to exit at Park Street (not John Nolen or Rimrock) and head north on Park Street for 1 mile and turn right on Olin Avenue heading east.

When returning to Olin Avenue from either swimmer drop-off or the Goodman Pool parking lot, only right turns onto Olin will be allowed. You will not be able to turn left onto Olin Avenue.

For the safety of everyone, please do not drop swimmers off along Olin Avenue or Wingra Creek Parkway. Doing so may cause your athlete to be disqualified from participating in the All-City Swim meet.


Goodman Pool is conveniently located along the Wingra Creek Bike Path. See Site Map for bike parking locations.


Goodman Pool is conveniently located on city bus route O or near route B (plan your trip here).